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Adrianne Rubenstein: I Love Worms, Bella Foster: Does the earth love you back?, Friends & Family of the CSULB CCC, Objects for Others: A Room Plays Itself at The Pit from Sun, Sept 9, 2018 to Sun, Oct 21, 2018 ( Exhibition )

Adrianne Rubenstein's new paintings features vibrant colors, direct form, and confident brushwork to depict raw memory.

Bella Foster's paintings on paper include vivid colors and earth tones as well as smoke-tinged light.

Objects for Others presents performances by dancer and choreographer Rebecca Bruno in collaboration with object-maker Mak Kern, and suspends abstract sculptures from the ceiling of the gallery’s new back space.

Friends & Family of the CSULB CCC is a zine shop exhibition of small ceramic sculptures by artists affiliated with the Center for Contemporary Ceramics at California State University, Long Beach, including Amy Bessone, Anabel Juarez, Anna Sew Hoy, Chi Yun Lin, Ching Yuan Chang, Christopher Miles, Garret Dran, Hiromi Iyoda, Jennie Jieun Lee, Jia Jia, Peter Christian Johnson, Tony Marsh, and more, organized by Tony Marsh.

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