ForYourArt was founded in
Los Angeles in 2006....

ForYourArt works in the interstices of art and enterprise. We produce art projects, share information about exhibitions and events, and collaborate with everyone from artists and institutions to civic entities and brands to encourage engagement and patronage.

Like L.A., ForYourArt is fun and welcoming, but not easily defined; we embrace change, resist hierarchies, and are committed to independent expression.

Launched in 2006, ForYourArt’s weekly newsletter has long served as L.A.’s definitive directory of art events and openings. #FYAaDay is a daily recommendation distilled from the spectrum of cultural activity happening across L.A. Our goal for #FYAaDay is to inspire more people to make art a part of their everyday routines, by curating a single, must-see, -do, -hear, -taste, etc. experience, seven times a week.

To submit your art event or opening to be considered for #FYAaDay or The Long List, email information and images to

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ForYourArt serves an essential role in Los Angeles, which can be a fragmented city. Not only does ForYourArt connect L.A.’s far flung neighborhoods, it also connects the for profit and non-profit art communities.

— ForYourArt Subscriber