ForYourArt at 6020 Wilshire Blvd. at 6020 Wilshire Blvd from 2012 to 2014

ForYourArt operated a storefront space at 6020 Wilshire Blvd as a platform for exploring “art related to life,” from 2012 to 2014.

Situated across from the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), 6020 Wilshire functioned as a conference room, a live venue, and an alternative arts space simultaneously. Partly referencing trends like startup accelerators, entrepreneurial campuses, communal workspaces, and incubators propelled by the tech and business communities and others in Los Angeles, the space linked ForYourArt’s online and offline activities. To bring the project to life, ForYourArt collaborated with dozens of artists, writers, curators, collectives, publishers, and likeminded organizations committed to exploring L.A. through art.

Working with ForYourArt, designers Brian Roettinger and Tim Durfee approached the space as a toolkit whose integrated infrastructures could be put to a variety of spontaneous uses. In their words: “Unlike most other global art capitals, Los Angeles’s cultural happenings are not concentrated in one or two districts in the city, but are broadly dispersed. In responding to Bettina’s vision with the ForYourArt space—strategically located near the very center of the city, and next to LACMA, one of its most important cultural landmarks—we created an environment that is as open to possibilities as the diverse scene it is at the center of. It will be a pop-up for pop-ups.”

Via a Call for Proposals ForYourArt sought out activities, events, classes, performances, slide talks, short-term installations, pop-up sales, and anything else that reflected ForYourArt’s interest in promoting artists and arts organizations. During this two year period, ForYourArt hosted numerous partners (listed below) organized through the open call, as well as our own programming which included: Around the Clock: 24 Hour Donut Events, ForYourArt for the Banana Love Collection, Artists Books and Cookies, Hans Ulrich Obrist and Danny Hillis in Conversation, and New. Artisanal. Now. amongst others.

Artist Talks

  • Artis Presents “Dana Yahalomi of Public Movement”
  • Artis Presents “Artist Talk with Gilad Ratman”
  • The Fontbron Academy Presents “Don’t Be Sad: Happiness Through Beauty”

Book Launches

  • “Launch Party for Cipher #1”
  • LACE and Phaidon Present “Art and Queer Culture Book Launch”
  • “ForYourArt Supports MOCA Engagement Party”
  • The Hammer Museum Presents “Launch of Machine Project Public Engagement Artist in Residence Report”
  • “Liz Glynn: No Second Troy Catalog Launch”
  • East of Borneo Presents “Piecing Together Los Angeles”

Artist-Driven Events

  • ForYourArt at CicLAvia: “Iconic Wilshire Boulevard”
  • Lyeberry Presents “Americana Ruppersberg/Dinner Theater”
  • “Comix Jam by ForYourArt”
  • X-TRA Presents “15 Years in 15 Days”
  • “Artwalk aMUSEment Hunt” by ForYourArt
  • Pop-Hop Presents “Pop-Hop Pop-up Shop”
  • Daniel Rolnik Presents “Artist Pizza Social”
  • “Pick up the Mic” by ForYourArt
  • “Yoga for Artists” by ForYourArt


  • 18th Street Arts Center Presents “Interior Forest Fundraiser”
  • CalArts School of Art Presents “MFA 2013 Fundraiser”

Exhibitions and Performances

  • “Thanks for the Mammaries”
  • “(en)Gendered (in)Equity: The Gallery Tally Poster Project”
  • “Photo Op: art to pose with” by ForYourArt
  • UC Irvine presents “MFA 2013 Thesis Exhibition”
  • Otis Presents “A Mess and a Pleasure”
  • ForYourArt for Ceci n'est pas, “DIALOGUES: Art/Architecture, Paris/Los Angeles Exhibition”
  • Courtesy Presents “Ma Prochaine Vie”
  • Darin Klein & Friends Present “Queer Pile-up!”
  • Big City Forum Presents “The Club House”
  • “LA Unified”
  • Otis Presents “Disastro”
  • USC Roski School of Fine Art Presents “Radio Break”
  • Paul Pescador Presents “Situating”
  • “John Baldessari: Crowds”
  • Bettina Hubby Presents “Rock Shop Pop-Up”