The Long List The Long List: September 10–16 ( Sept 10, 2020 )

Thursday, September 10

Openings and Events in Hollywood

Agent of Ordinary Pleasures, The Lodge, through September 17.

Scott Laufer: Recent Paintings, Moskowitz Bayse, through September 26.

Openings and Events in Echo Park

Under / Over, Marta, through November 1.

Openings and Events Beyond Los Angeles

A Peripheral Reverie, Penske Projects | Montecito Country Mart (Montecito), through October 10.

Openings and Events Online

Diversity Practices for Distance Learning, ONE Archives, 3:30pm.

MOCA and In Plain Sight #3: Beyond the Walls, MOCA, 4pm.

A Workshop with Amy Yao, York Chang, Jonathan Loc and Amy Zhai on California's Ballot Proposition: What You Should Know About Proposition 16 (the ACA-5 Bill), Various Small Fires, 5pm.

2020 Faculty Art Exhibition, Long Beach City College, through October 29.

Friday, September 11

Openings and Events in Hollywood

myselves, Kohn Gallery, through September 12.

Openings and Events Online

Fowler Films: Soy Cubana, Fowler Museum, 5pm.

Saturday, September 12

Openings and Events in Santa Monica

Max Maslansky: Octopus and Vessels Pretending, Vessels of Birds Fishing and Crabs Emoting, Sardine Cans Opening, a Shell Bedroom, and Some Sea Gods that Feed on Shame, Five Car Garage, through October 19.

Joakim Ojanen: A Show for the Lonely Distant Baby Souls, Richard Heller Gallery, through October 31.

Openings and Events in Culver City

Kwame Brathwaite: The Struggle Continues, Victory is Certain, Philip Martin Gallery, through October 10.

Lindsey Warren: Los Angeles Light, George Billis Gallery LA, through October 10.

Aaron Garber-Maikovska: 4 from 3 dancers, Blum & Poe, through October 24.

John Bankston: Escape and Robb Putnam: Unattended Creatures, Walter Maciel Gallery, through October 31.

Openings and Events in Mid-City

Penda Diakité: MOUSSO-YA, Band of Vices Art Gallery, through October 10.

LESLEY VANCE: A Zebra Races Counterclockwise, David Kordansky Gallery, through October 24.

Colleen Hargaden: Strategies for Inhabiting a Damaged Planet, Hunter Shaw Fine Art, through October 25.

José Luis Vargas, Este es mi mundo. ¡Entra!, Lowell Ryan Projects, through October 31.

Openings and Events in Inglewood

Cathy Lightfoot: Tail Light Scrolls, Cubist Spinoff Projects, through September 13.

Openings and Events in Hollywood

Heather Day: Ricochet, Diane Rosenstein Gallery, through October 24.

Kim Dacres: Wisdom Embedded in the Treads and Kathryn Garcia: The Feminine Divine, Gavlak, through October 24.

Raymond Pettibon: Pacific Ocean Pop, Regen Projects, through October 31.

A Composite Leviathan, Bridge Projects, through February 13, 2021.

Openings and Events Downtown

Osceola Refetoff: Kinematic Exposures, Von Lintel, 3–8pm.

Ivy Haldeman: Hello, the Future Is Certain, Ghebaly Gallery, through October 11.

Camilla Taylor: Your Words in My Mouth, Track 16, through October 17.

Ferrari Sheppard: Heroines of Innocence, Wilding Cran Gallery, through October 31.

JENNIFER J. LEE: Wallflowers, through November 7.

Openings and Events in Chinatown

Transfigured, Foyer/LA, through October 24.

Openings and Events in Silver Lake

Evan Whale: In My Room, Tyler Park Presents, through November 7.

Openings and Events in Highland Park

Brian Randolph: The Septum, ODD ARK • LA, through October 17.

Openings and Events Online

Bharatanatyam Abhinaya: Emotion through Gesture with Arushi Singh, Fowler Museum, 11am.

Ideas for Resisting Artist Talk and Workshop, Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery (LAMAG), 1pm.

BRAND 48: Works on Paper Opening, Brand Library & Art Center, 2pm.

Bits of Paradise Fundraiser, ESMoA, 5pm.

Sunday, September 13

Openings and Events in Los Feliz

Maija Peeples-Bright: beautiFOAL and Troy Chew: Fuck the King's Horses and All the King's Men, Parker Gallery, through October 31.

Monday, September 14

Openings and Events Online

WE LIVE! Memories of Resistance, Oxy Arts, through November 29.

Tuesday, September 15

Openings and Events in Culver City

Jordan Nassar: We Are The Ones To Go To The Mountain and AE2: Martin Basher: Birds of Paradise, Anat Ebgi, through October 27.

Openings and Events Online

Artists in Conversation (home @ Acogedor: Connection), 6:30pm.


Gayleen Aiken. Interiors, Fort Gansevoort.

Wednesday, September 16

Openings and Events Online

Why Don’t Women’s Votes Put More Women in Power?, Natural History Museum, 6pm.

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