Win a Pair of Tickets for YOKO ONO MORNING PEACE 2015 at the Getty

MoMA and Yoko Ono have invited museums in 7 major cities around the globe, including the Getty, to participate in staging this multi-time zone sunrise gathering on Sunday, June 21 at 5:30am for YOKO ONO MORNING PEACE 2015, an event designed by Yoko Ono based on her 1964 performance Morning Piece.

While the Getty’s event is invitation-only, ForYourArt is giving away a limited number of tickets for the event, email to enter.

Morning Piece was first performed in Tokyo in 1964 and again on the roof of Ono’s apartment building at 87 Christopher Street in September 1965. At these events, attendees gathered at sunrise, and Ono sold artworks with typewritten pieces of paper attached to glass and other materials. Each specified a future date and a particular period of the morning (e.g., “February 3, 1987 after sunrise,” “January 1, 1972 all morning”). Ono would inform buyers, “You can see the sky through it,” and offer them the possibility of possessing something intangible: a future morning.

Partnering institutions include Fondazione La Triennale di Milano (Milan), Garage Museum of Contemporary Art (Moscow), the Istanbul Museum of Modern Art (Istanbul), M+ (Hong Kong), the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia (Sydney), and the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo (Tokyo). Each location will define the content of their own event according to the following instructions:


On the solstice at sunrise

celebrate mornings of

past, future, and now.

Listen to the world.

Touch each other

when the sun comes up. 


y.o. spring 2015