Artist Books & Cookies III


Launched in 2012 by ForYourArt with Fundación Alumnos47 as an event series devoted to artist books, Artist Books and Cookies continues with activities at the LA Art Book Fair and Art Los Angeles Contemporary. Through these activities and conversations, Artist Books and Cookies provides a platform to discuss the medium of artist books within today’s contemporary art landscape.

On January 28th, in anticipation of Printed Matter’s LA Art Book Fair, Hans Ulrich Obrist will interview Tauba Auerbach, Felipe Ehrenberg, and Barbara T. Smith about their bookmaking practices. 


Born in San Francisco and based in New York, Tauba Auerbach has worked with various kinds of book production–from printed matter to sculpture–examining the structures and boundaries of perception, surface, logic, and language. In 2013, she established Diagonal Press, dedicated to making and presenting art in the form of largely DIY publications in open editions.

In her work, Los Angeles-based artist Shannon Ebner investigates the construction of and relationship between seeing and reading, often conflating the two. In her new artist book STRIKE (Mousse, 2014), Ebner translates what originated as a large installation of 18 broken palindromes comprised of over 500 photographic letters into the format of the book, one STRIKE letter per page. 

Seminal Mexican artist Felipe Ehrenberg is known for his drawing, painting, conceptual art performances, Mail art, and mimeograph, and as the publisher of the avant garde artist book press, Beau Geste.

Los Angeles-based artist Barbara T. Smith is recognized for her prolific self-published Xeroxed books, which document and explore her personal life by presenting a kind of material autobiography. She is also known for her performance work of the late 1960s and early 1970s, which was at the forefront of feminist, body, and performance art.