Actively take part in a project by sharing your ideas and opinions, joining the discussion, submitting material, or creating a work of art.

What is Art?

“What is Art?” If that question had an easy answer, the world would be a much less interesting place. The London ICA developed this interactive platform to explore art’s ever-changing place in our lives, and seeks responses from established artists and casual passersby alike. Submit your own answer and expand the dialogue.

Ask a Curator 

It’s not every day that you can ask a museum curator your most burning questions about museums, collections, and art, but this Twitter handle makes it possible several times a year and also offers insider tips and information year round.

Aiww Leg Shots 

Calling all Instagrammers: the artist Ai Weiwei has been collecting and reposting images of people in a “leg gun” pose, which has now become a fast-spreading meme generating its own responses and cultural discussions.