Find out more about contemporary art and art history, and develop your own approach to these subjects.

Artists at Work: Wu Tsang

Probably best known for his 2012 documentary film, Wildness, that explores the intersection of different subcultures in Los Angeles, Wu Tsang is a recognized performance, video, and installation artist. Read Los Angeles writer and curator Carol Cheh’s interview with Wu Tsang to learn more about the artist, his work, and his artistic practice. 

Expanding the History of Art

There is always room on the bookshelf for new publications that will expand your perspective about art and its history. This list of 14 art-history books covers 5 centuries, and various issues regarding art ownership, display, and understanding. 

How to Think About Conceptual Art

An easy definition of Conceptual Art is elusive, sometimes even for those who are well-versed in its developmental narrative. Here’s one take on its history.

Jeff Koons in Quotes

In a handful of sentences, Jeff Koons covers art historical influences, seduction, symbolism, morality, economics in the art world and, of course, his sculptures.

Robert Rauschenberg Foundation Website

The Robert Rauschenberg Foundation fosters the legacy of the artist’s life, work, and philosophy that art can change the world. The Foundation’s website provides access to Rauschenberg’s art and archives, making them available to any scholar, connoisseur, and passerby. Browse to follow the projects, competitions, residencies, programs, and initiatives they develop and support. 

The Internet and the Art World

Consider the impact that the Internet has had on contemporary art in an age when artists use online tools which, conversely, have the potential to make us all “artists. ” 

The State of Art in China

In this wide-ranging symposium, artists and experts explore the current state of contemporary art in China. The first half encompasses the environment for art in China, while the second examines currents in the art itself.

The Terms

Brush up on the latest definitions of Modern, Contemporary, and Practice — notoriously slippery buzzwords that influence how people write and think about art today.

Trends in Ceramics

There’s no doubt about it: ceramics have found a solid footing in the world of contemporary art, so keep abreast of the strategies artists are using to remix and redefine this traditional and versatile medium.