Gift Shop: What To Buy


Treat yourself to something that you find enchanting, that will brighten your day, or enhance your attire or accessories.

Yoko Ono: 24 Language Button Pack, IMAGINE PEACE
$20.00 from Art Markit

Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 11.53.13 PM(for the hippie)

Meow Meow Tweet: Eucalyptus Lemon Candle
$26.00 from Otherwild Goods & Services

el_grande(for a better atmosphere)

Merideth Hillbrand: Eye Pillows
$30.00 from Ooga Booga Store

Hillbrand-SilkEyePillows(for the most restful nights)

Amy Von Harrington: Chapstick Necklace
$35.00 from Otherwild Goods & Services

IMG_1669_grande(for comfort anytime)

Lisa Sitko: Ceramic Apple Sculpture
$100.00 from Ooga Booga Store

Sitko-ApplePipes(for those interested in functional fruit)

Lisa Sitko: Banana Pipe
$125.00 from Art Markit

Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 12.14.17 AM(for the cheeky smoke-lovers)