Two Los Angeles-based projects you can SUPPORT

Native Strategies:
The evolving story of performance art in Los Angeles

“As a big believer in the value of documentation and published discourse, as well as someone who worries about the perennial lack thereof in Los Angeles, I can’t overstate how important journals like this are to our scene.”
Carol Cheh in Another Righteous Transfer

Native Strategies’ USA Projects page features intimate opportunities to get involved with performance art. A donation of $2,000 offers a visit to see a rehearsal and a dinner with the performers. For $5,000, you could have a “performance made specifically for you.”

“If history can only be what is left behind then we need to make a record and we need that record keeping to be generous and open-ended while maintaining a thoughtful and critical relationship to the work.”
Brian Getnick in Notes on Looking

“Since 2011, we’ve produced 3 journals and 3 performance series featuring over 50 artists in multiple venues across Los Angeles.  I am asking for your help to fund the production of the remaining 7 journals. Our goal of 22,000 which covers the costs of designing, printing and distributing Native Strategies is crucial for us going forward. Should we surpass this goal, the remaining funds will be used to provide an honorarium for participating artists and writers and be put aside to help compile all 10 journals into a book at the end of 2016.”
Brian Getnick in USA Projects

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February 27th 7-9 at LACE, NS3 Rituals and Congregations Launch Party and performance by Lee Revlas of Rind, courtesy of Native Strategies

Who’s In A Name
An intervention and publication project by Susan Silton

“This project began with an intervention in a John Baldessari public art project” in 2011 called YOUR NAME IN LIGHTS, in which “participants (up to 100,000 names) registered their names on a dedicated website, and were then informed of the exact time that their name would go ‘up in lights’ for 15… seconds” on the façade of the Australian Museum.

Silton’s intervention, Who’s In A Name, began with a “call to artists based primarily in Los Angeles, and asked if they would be willing to register the name of an artist who committed suicide…. Fifty-nine artists, including [Silton], agreed to participate. [Silton] randomly assigned the names of suicidees to the living artists who agreed to register their names. They in turn informed [Silton] when the artist they registered was ‘going up in lights,’ and I grabbed screenshots of all of them.”

“The project takes the primary conceptual form of a book. The publication, for which I’m seeking support, will include the screengrabs of the names…, bios of the artists who committed suicide, alongside bios of the artists who registered those artists…. [Art] historian Liz Kotz (Words To Be Looked At, MIT Press 2007) has written an essay for the publication. Elizabeth Pulsinelli (Editor of X-TRA) has edited the publication. And I am designing it. The book will be approximately 144 pages, 9×6 inches, hardbound in cloth, and be printed in an edition of 500 copies.”
-Susan Silton

LACE and Silton offer different levels of support, which include a brunch with Silton and some participating artists, a series of chapbooks, and much more for $5,000.

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Screengrab of Jack Goldstein’s name, courtesy of Susan Silton and LACE.