PUBLIC ART ALERT: Barbara Kruger Bus and Billboards

Project: Barbara Kruger, School Bus and Billboards (For the LA Fund), 2012
Part of Arts Matter

Presented by The Los Angeles Fund for Public Education and LAUSD.

ForYourArt produces a yearlong series of original works of art by world-renowned artists for Arts Matter, a first of its kind, citywide public art exhibition and fundraising campaign to support arts education in the nation’s second largest public school system.

Arts Matter addresses the importance of arts education in Los Angeles public schools, the “creative capital of the world.”Public art will be presented on a fleet of city buses and other outdoor media totaling $4 million in value with approximately 900 million ‘eyes on artwork’ impressions over the course of a year.

The public art exhibition launches with the work of artist Barbara Kruger. Her bus wrap is titled School Bus, and two additional works of art have beencommissioned and will appear as billboards, bus shelters, and other types of outdoor media throughout Los Angeles during October 2012.

Barbara Kruger’s work is universally known for its bold, eye-catching design, and philosophical themes. The artist’s project for Arts Matter, rendered in Kruger’s signature style, addresses directly and urgently the importance of education, especially in the arts. Kruger’s statement, “Art is as heavy as sorrow, as light as a breeze, as bright as an idea…” emphasizes the fluid nature of art. At the same time, Kruger stresses that art remains a crucial, indispensible part of a successful educational system. School Bus also references an earlier bus wrap Kruger created for New York City’s Public Art Fund in 1997.

The LA Fund and LAUSD have commissioned and are launching this public art exhibit focused on the importance of arts education in Los Angeles public schools. Recognizing the importance of arts education, the LA Fund will provide multi-year school grants raised through Arts Matter to innovative arts integration programs.

The public art project and supporting campaign is concentrated into four “flights”: four 4- week time periods that kick off October 8, 2012 and continue in the months of January, March, and July 2013. Twelve city buses and nearly 85 artwork billboards, bus shelters, wallpostings, mall media, and bulletins will provide Arts Matter a high-visibility citywide profile. This initiative also marks the largest moving public art project in Los Angeles’ history.

Please visit for information about bus routes, artwork billboard sites, and more information on Arts Matter and on how to support arts education in Los Angeles.

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ForYourArt mapped Barbara Kruger’s Billboards as part Arts Matter (below). Keep an eye out for busses with Kruger artwork.

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Barbara Kruger, School Bus, 2012. © Barbara Kruger.
Picture(s) of School Bus Photo Credit: © Steve Cohn Photography