FYA at 6020 Wilshire: Planter Workshop

Planter Workshop: From Purple to Green Thumb

Workshop led by Matt Merkel-Hess with special guests
ForYourArt at 6020 Wilshire Blvd.
Sunday, September 9 | 1-3 pm | RSVP to celebrate@foryourart.com
This event is part of The Planter Show

Have an empty pot and don’t know what to do with it? Or do you find yourself killing houseplants, even supposedly easy to care for succulents and cacti? This workshop will cover the basics of potted plants, including: plant and pot selection, types of soil, placement indoors and out, and how to diagnose common problems with plants. Special guests will cover more advanced topics such as container gardening and amateur plant competitions.

The workshop is FREE for anyone who has purchased a planter from The Planter Show and includes succulents and soil. Email celebrate@foryourart.com to reserve your spot.

“Treat plants as individuals and not just pots of dirt with something green coming out the top. Very simple treatment indeed: it includes recognizing that plants have personal needs, they are subject to disease, fright, mischief and loneliness—just as you are. Plants thrive on attention, on love.”
-Maggie Baylis, House Plants for the Purple Thumb (1973)