Pick Up the Mic

A Night of Feminist + Gender Queer Hip Hop, Film, and Music

Timed to coincide with LACMA’s hip-hop featurings this month, ForYourArt presents an inaugural musical performance by local members of the underground ‘homohop’/feminist musician community while they explore homophobia in the music industry.

A 7PM screening of Alex Hinton’s 2006 award-winning documentary “Pick Up the Mic,” about the queer hip-hop scene, features over a dozen of the scene’s significant players. Hinton earlier focused on the gay punk scene in his film Queercore (2002).

The screening will be followed by a 9PM performance by Cihuatl- Ce (formerly of Cihuatl Tonali). Once a runaway, now a youth advocate/outreach worker, she uses music to express the widespread effects of colonization, misogyny and anti-gay rhetoric.

DJ B-Girl (of B-Girl Media/Project Blowed) entered the music scene in 1995 as a self-taught hip-hop electronic dj and producer. She has been actively involved in the hip-hop community as a teaching artist dedicated to the movement and empowering those around her.