Transmission Artist: Mike Mills

ForYourArt 4 Transmission LA

A special series in partnership with Transmission LA

ForYourArt highlights our favorite artists participating in Transmission LA: AV CLUBa festival curated by Mike D of the Beastie Boys, which celebrates and presents contemporary art, music, film, and food. Open April 20-May 6, 2012 at The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA.

Mike Mills

“The darting, discursive feel of [Beginners] reflects Mr. Mills’s cross-disciplinary career, which has encompassed music videos and graphic design for bands like Air and the Beastie Boys and one previous feature film (the 2005 indie “Thumbsucker”). He has a spongelike capacity to absorb a wide array of influences, as suggested in the blog he has kept on the making of “Beginners,” which has nods to the performance artist Bas Jan Ader, the photographer William Wegman and the experimental filmmaker Jorgen Leth.”
The New York Times

“I think of film much like I do presenting any still visual image.”
-Mike Mills from an interview on ForYourArt 

-Mike Mills in Beautiful Losers (2008)

-“The History of Love (Part 1)” by Mike Mills from New York Magazine 

“Every film I’m going to do in the future has to be totally myself, totally as authentic as I can make it, and totally as personal and as weird, and that only I can do.”
-Mike Mills from an interview for AIGA


Mike Mills (right) directs Christopher Plummer and Cosmo the dog on the set of Beginners. Courtesy Focus Features