ForYourArt 4 Transmission LA

ForYourArt 4 Transmission LA

A special series in partnership with Transmission LA

“One of my goals with this was just to try to really change it and infuse this event with a lot of music. There’s gonna be DJs on certain nights and food. The goal is to have it be a full sensory overload, if you will. It’s almost more like an art festival in the sense that we’re trying to get together some live music nights as well.”
-Mike D, curator of Transmission LA: AV Club in Rolling Stone

Transmission LA: AV Club
The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA (Downtown)
Thursday: 12-10pm
Friday: 12-10pm
Saturday: 11am – 10pm
Sunday: 11am-6pm
Mike D of The Beastie Boys curates this 17-day multi-disciplinary festival celebrating and presenting contemporary art, design, music, film, and food. Hosted by online interview magazine The Avant/Garde Diaries, Transmission LA: AV CLUB will feature work by artists including Peter Coffin, Will Fowler, Benjamin Jones, Mike Mills, Public Fiction, Sage Vaughn, and Tom Sachs and food by Roy Choi. This free event will also feature concerts, DJ sets, and a pop up restaurant. Reserve your free concert tickets online.

Video preview of Transmission LA: AV Club from The Avant/Garde Diaries

ForYourArt curates focused itineraries for you around Transmission LA: AV Cluba festival curated by Mike D of the Beastie Boys, which celebrates and presents contemporary art, music, film, and food. Open April 20-May 6, 2012 at The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA.


Audio – April 19-25

Video – April 19-25

ForYourArt highlights our favorite artists participating in Transmission LA: AV CLUB


Cory Arcangel

Mike Mills

Roy Choi

Tom Sachs

1. Cory Arcangel, Super Mario Clouds (2002-). Courtesy of the Whitney Museum.
2. Cover of Mike Mills: Drawings from the Film Beginners
3. Kogi BBQ Truck courtesy of Choi and Kogi BBQ
4. Tom Sachs Camera courtesy of the artist and Trendland