LEARN: Donut Scholarship

Donuts VS. Doughnuts

Artist Matthias Merkel Hess donuts (or doughnuts) reading list: 

1. Geoff Dyer approaches fried, sugary perfection in his essay “Otherwise Known as the Human Condition,” which is about the meaning of life via the hunt for the perfect doughnut.

2. Wayne Thiebaud donut paintings make me hungry, especially this print, Donuts and Cupcakes (2006):

3. You’re never far from a glazed donut or ham and cheese croissant (and usually, terrible donut-shop coffee) in Los Angeles. A 2007 L.A. Times opinion piece made the case that the doughnut is LA’s defining industry. There are certainly plenty of donut shops, and some also serve Chinese food. Here’s why.

4. Primo’s Donuts in LA makes what might be the best cake donut in the world: it’s light, slightly spongy and the perfect vehicle for the shop’s crumb topping. The buttermilk bar is good too, but I always get at least one of what Primo himself calls the “crumbiest” donut in town.

by Matthias Merkel Hess


Strawberry Buttermilk Donut from Fonuts, Image by David Gilbert