SEE: CamLab's Engagement Party

MOCA Engagement Party: CamLab’s The Heart Wants What It Does

MOCA’s Engagement Party provides an opportunity for Southern California–based artist collectives and collaborators to create new artworks that engage with MOCA and its resources in unexpected ways. Artist collective CamLab presents a trilogy, titled The Heart Wants What It Does, for their Engagement Party residency.

The second work in this trilogy, titled You Are an I takes place this Thursday, February 2 at the Geffen Contemporary at MOCA. In the tradition of the teach-in, CamLab will be offering workshops in an “encompassing encampment for engrossing embodiment.” Each session is 30 minutes and will begin at 7:15, 8:00, 8:45, and 9:30. Dress for indoor/outdoor conditions. A list of the workshops can be found here.

The first work in the trilogy, Dubious Equalities, took place on January 5, 2012. CamLab transformed two of MOCA’s adjoining spaces in the museum, using the works from the permanent collection as inspiration. MOCA’s lobby became a cross between living room and waiting room–with fabric covered pedestals and projections of a live-feed from the photobooth. The live-feed came from the “Rust and Bludoire” room, where participants were encouraged to put on garments made by L.A.-based artist Frau Fiber and play with a mirrored camera effect in the custom-built video booth on a bed. CamLab set up the photobooth backdrop to be No. 61 (Rust and Blue) by Mark Rothko (hence the name). All of this while the songs by Hotel La Rut, created for CamLab’s Engagement Party, played on loop in the background. Below, you’ll find images by Christina Edwards of CamLab’s Dubious Equalities and one of the songs by Hotel La Rut.