SEE: CamLab's Engagement Party @ MOCA

MOCA’s Engagement Party: CamLab’s The Heart Wants What It Does

MOCA’s Engagement Party provides an opportunity for Southern California–based artist collectives and collaborators to create new artworks that engage with MOCA and its resources in unexpected ways. The collective CamLab presents three new projects in the form of interactive installations using fabric and language, which will cultivate exchanges between museum-goers.

“Encouraging both a physical engagement with materials as well as a heightened awareness of the relationship of one’s body to those of others, CamLab’s works will transform MOCA’s spaces into laboratories for experimenting with social interconnectivity. All three events feature new songs commissioned from the Los Angeles–based trio Hotel La Rut. (the first one is below)

For CamLab’s inaugural Engagement Party work, the collective will be transforming two of MOCA’s adjoining spaces in the museum, using the works from the permanent collection that are currently on view as inspiration. MOCA’s lobby will become a “radically comfortable waiting room, serving as the site for a durational Double Open Mic session centered on the theme of Empathy & Misunderstanding.” Then, CamLab invites guests to the “Rust and Bludoir” area for experimentations of mirrored embodiment in a “custom-built video booth with live feedback. Visitors will oscillate between immersion and agency as they occupy the various perspectives proposed by the installation.”

CamLab Dubious Equalities Designs for Fabric (2012), digitally-printed fabric