All the Festival Itineraries in One Place

The Pacific Standard Time Performance and Public Art Festival is Upon Us! Use These Itineraries to Help You Navigate The Events

Here, ForYourArt breaks down itineraries by author. See you at the Festival!

From the Festival Map:

Curated Itinerary 1: Outdoor Spectaculars

Curated Itinerary 2: Sit Back and Relax

Curated Itinerary 3: Off the Beaten Path

By Alissa Walker:

Alissa Walker of Gelatobaby continues her series of walking guides with this one especially made for the Festival:

Alissa Walker’s Guide to the Festival

By Bettina Korek

Bettina Korek is the founder of ForYourArt.

Pacific Standard Time Performance Art Festival Guide in PAPERMAG

ForYourArt’s Los Angeles Performance and Public Art Festival Guide in Harper’s BAZAAR

Tackling This (Massive) L.A. Art Weekend on Standard Culture

By Krista Simmons:

L.A.-based food and travel writer Krista Simmons has paired restaurants with the events listed The Festival Map’s Curated Itineraries:

Art Bites: Outdoor Spectaculars

Art Bites: Sit Back and Relax

Art Bites: Off the Beaten Path

More By ForYourArt:

ForYourArt wants you to be able to attend events, so we’ve compiled these two itineraries so you won’t be left out!

RSVP Required Events

Ticket Required Events

Download the Festival Map for a full listing of events.