COLLECT: Know Your Collecting History

ForYourArt Breaks Down Collecting from Dwell Magazine

Want to be the next Cosimo de’ Medici, Henry Clay Frick or Eli Broad? A quick history lesson will prime your understanding of the legacy of collecting.

Dwell breaks down the art of collecting, historically speaking, giving you a broad stroke about how collectors became patrons and eventually endowed museums.

Collecting art has always been a power play—whether it was reproductions of Greek paintings in ancient Roman seaside villas or late 19th-century American industrialists swooping in to amass collections from down-and-out English aristocrats. But now, the art market has democratized substantially, enabling everyone to be able to begin his/her own collection. Dwell’s “An Introduction to Art Collecting,” published in the December/January 2011 issue provides a nice overview on the legacy of arts patronage and collecting.

by Alexis M. Johnson

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